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High Conflict Divorce Solutions

New Ways for Families®

New Ways for Families® is a structured parenting skills method for both parents that is intended to reduce the impact of conflict for children in potentially high-conflict divorce and separation cases. It is a “no blame, no shame” approach that emphasizes strengthening skills for positive future behavior. Parents have many opportunities throughout the program to practice the skills in a neutral strengths-based environment.


Why New Ways for Families®?
New Ways is intended to teach parents the skills necessary to put their children first by improving their co-parenting skills and by jointly making their parenting decisions with the help of professionals – but without relying on the court to make decisions for them. When parents make their own parenting decisions, they are more likely to follow the agreements.


This reduces the time and resources spent on managing these cases in unnecessary court hearings. Completion of the program also provides the court with information about parents who are able to demonstrate the skills necessary for successful co-parenting – as well as those parents who may need more intensive intervention.


The Aspire Too team is trained and certified to provide the New Ways for Families® program through four different program delivery options.
1.    Court Based Counselling – this delivery option can be accessed by those who are court ordered to attend, referred by their lawyer, mediator or therapist, or parents can voluntarily select this option. Each parent attends six confidential sessions with their own counsellor. Each parent and their child(ren) then attend three individual sessions with the same parent child therapist that works with both parents (and their children) separately. This option is intended for parents who have had difficulty in the past making joint parenting decisions, or who have spent a great deal of time in court.
2.    Collaborative Divorce – this delivery option can be accessed by referral or by voluntary consent. Each parent attends three confidential sessions with their own counsellor. Couples divorcing that do not have children can access this program as well. Parents and their child(ren) then attend three individual session with the same parent child therapist that works with both parents individually. This option is for parents who are committed to making parenting decisions in a collaborative way, but they could use assistance in learning the skills necessary to co-parent effectively.
3.    Decision Skills Class – this delivery option is for those couples who have decided to end their marriage, but the decision is mutual. This option can be accessed by couples that have children, as well as couples that do not have children together. Couples learn the same four skills in three ninety minute sessions that can be offered in group or individual sessions.
4.    Pre-Mediation Coaching – this delivery option is for people to learn the four skills before attending mediation. This option is for any person anticipating attending mediation, regardless of the reason for the mediation.


Family Bridges Consulting and Facilitation

Parental alienation often occurs during the breakdown of a marriage and is considered a severe form of psychological abuse to the children involved. Research suggests that both moms and dads may engage in behaviour either intentionally or unintentionally that alienates children from a rejected parent.


The Family Bridges workshop is firmly grounded in well-accepted, peer-reviewed, and scientific research in cognitive, social, and developmental psychology, sociology and social neuroscience. With 23 years of history, the intervention has shown remarkable results at restoring the damaged relationship between the rejected parent and their children. Aspire Too is the official representation for Family Bridges Western Canada.
In four days the Family Bridges program accomplishes what therapists and the legal system have been unable to do. The goal of Family Bridges is to assist children in having a positive healthy relationship with both of their parents, a relationship that is intrinsically their right.



family bridges

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