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Parental Alienation Is More Than High Conflict Divorce

Parental Alienation Is More Than High Conflict Divorce

Posted by Connie in Uncategorized 31 Oct 2017

Listen to Aspire Too Founder Connie Lupichuk Discuss Parental Alienation on Life Happens, Let’s Talk with Host Treena Wynes


Description: When a marriage falls apart and the couple separates the child or children’s wellbeing should be at the forefront of both parents. We have all heard of volatile or high conflict divorces where children are caught in the middle becoming the true casualties of divorce. Many times parents cannot agree with joint custody or shared parenting. Parenting experts would agree that it is beneficial that the child or children have a positive relationship with both parents. Shared parenting or regular visitation schedules are helpful in maintaining a parent-child bond. What if one parent turns the child or children against the other parent? If there is no intervention then the child-parent relationship with the targeted parent will eventually be severed and estranged. What can the alienated parent do to remain in his or hers child’s life? What methods of intervention can be put in place if the obsessive parent seems to have all the control? Learn about parental alienation.

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