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Laura Hicks, BSW, RSW

Laura Hicks, BSW, RSW
Clinical Counsellor / Registered Social Worker

*Laura is not accepting new clients at this time*

I think the hardest part of starting ‘the work’ is finding the right person to guide you through it. ‘The work’ will look different for everyone, and I can assure you, we all have work to do. I don’t think you can be a human being on this planet, during this time, and not have a version of the work to do.  I have done my own work and continue to do this work because this whole being a human thing can be very challenging, and if I’m going to show up for you, I need to show up for me as well.

I believe there is a place for everyone in counselling. I also believe that not every counsellor is right for every person, and that’s what you are here to try and figure out, is she a good fit for me, so I will attempt to give you some insight into who I am, where I come from in my practice and what I can offer, if you chose to let me.

I am a professional person and a person, and I do think it is that wonderful combination of my lived experience and my formal and informal training that have given me the skills and knowledge to be an effective counsellor.  I am a Registered Social Worker with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from the University of Regina. I have 14 years of professional experience within the child welfare system, with children, youth and families. The primary focus of my work has been supporting individuals who have mental health and addictions, as well as complex trauma and PTSD, domestic violence, family violence, suicide ideation, and self-harm.

I don’t believe there is anything ‘wrong’ with any person who sits in my office. I believe each person has learned how to adapt and survive in whatever their circumstances are, and that they can learn new ways to be, new ways to cope and new ways to respond to themselves and their environment with the right support and knowledge. I believe that seeing a person within their entire system, is essential in truly understanding that person. I believe people need safe spaces where they feel seen, heard, cared for and like they aren’t alone. My goal is to create this space for you, where you can process and experience your emotions and learn how to move through these emotions in a healthy way.

I have committed my practice to not perpetuate the harm committed by non-indigenous people and systems, and will always be committed to working to make sure I provide a safe environment for indigenous people and I am so proud to offer services under non-insured health benefits (NIHB).

I provide clinical services to individuals, children (8+), youth and couples in the following areas:

  • relationship issues
  • separation and divorce
  • recovery from emotional and physical abuse
  • grief and loss
  • healthy boundaries
  • addictions and recovery
  • anxiety and depression
  • self esteem/body image
  • suicidal ideation/self harm
  • eating disorders and disordered eating
  • stress management
  • Tel: (306) 382-2391
  • Location: Saskatoon