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Voice of the Child / Children’s Voices Reports

Parenting Capacity Assessments

Foster Home Adjudication Reports


Aspire Too is certified and trained to complete a variety of assessments that are compliant with the Government of Saskatchewan’s regulations such as:

  • Parenting Capacity Assessments
  • Adoption Home Studies (Private and International Adoption)
  • Adoption Post-Placement Assessments
  • Voice of the Child / Children’s Voices Reports

Educational Workshops

  1. Mental Health and Wellness
  2. Stress Management 
  3. Parenting
  4. Attachment and Neurodevelopment
  5. Conflict in the Workplace
  6. Vicarious and Secondary Trauma

We provide custom information sessions or workshops based on your needs. For more information or to book a consultation for a workshop or an assessment report, contact Aspire Too today.