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Ask the Counsellor: Feeling Out of Control

Dear Ask the Counsellor: With everything that has been going on recently I find myself feeling uptight and on edge most of the time. I have been yelling at my kids and my spouse lately and I generally feel like I am out of control. I know everyone is feeling out of sorts with the […]

Who Am I? A Path to Finding Your Identity

Who am I? What is important to me? Where do I belong? All of these questions point to personal identity and have an impact on your mental wellness. Here are three areas that are valuable to reflect on when examining your identity: Roles Personal Values Social Connections   Roles – The roles that we play […]

Being a Better Friend to Yourself

Being a Better Friend to Yourself Being a better friend to yourself sounds like an odd idea initially because we naturally imagine a friend as someone else, not a part of our mind. But there is value in the concept because we already know how to treat our friends well, with empathy that we neglect […]

COVID-19 and its Mental Health impact on families and kids

  Aspire Too’s Margarita Sysing, Registered Social Worker, was recently featured on TAYFFI Talks! to share her expertise on what parents and caregivers should watch out for when considering the impact on children’s mental health in the COVID-19 era. Tune in to hear from her own real world examples and gain practical tips to implement […]

5 Strategies to Balance Your Mental Wellness

It may seem and feel like a never ending battle to balance our mental wellness, especially since pandemic started.  Some days we may feel like we are lost at sea in one massive storm experiencing intense or uncomfortable emotions, while other days we may feel calm and grounded.  These unprecedented times have really put our […]

3 Learning Moments for Those Experiencing Mom Guilt

Mom Truth: Guilt 14 months ago I became a mom to a beautiful baby girl who I fell madly in love with instantly. Since than I have been filled with many different complex emotions (shocker that love isn’t the only feeling), one of those feelings being guilt.  I have learned in both my professional and […]

Ask the Counsellors: Lost My Job

Dear Counsellor: When  hit, I got laid off from my job and subsequently let go due to the company’s need to downsize. I had not been satisfied in my job for a long time and now, with my present circumstances, I think it’s time I see what else is out there for me. I am […]

Ask the Counsellors: Am I Being a Bad Friend?

Every month the associates at Aspire Too will answer your questions in our “Ask the Counsellors Feature“. Please submit your questions confidentially to reception@aspiretoo.ca   Dear Aspire Too, Recently I have been avoiding a close friend of mine. I just don’t seem to have the energy for her and the thought of spending time with her […]

Ask the Counsellors: Is My Marriage in Trouble? Feeling Discouraged

Every month the associates at Aspire Too will answer your questions in our “Ask the Counsellors Feature”. Please submit your questions confidentially to reception@aspiretoo.ca Dear Aspire Too, My husband and I have been married for 12 years. Lately I’m feeling really discouraged about our relationship. It’s like we’re moving further and further apart. It just […]

Ask the Counsellors: How Do I Convince Them to Get Counselling?

Every month the associates at Aspire Too will answer your questions in our “Ask the Counsellors Feature“. Please submit your questions confidentially to reception@aspiretoo.ca   Dear Aspire Too, How do you get someone in to seek counselling who won’t go? They may have anxiety issues? Maybe it’s depression? Sincerely, Concerned About Someone I Know Dear Concerned […]

Parental Alienation Is More Than High Conflict Divorce

Listen to Aspire Too Founder Connie Lupichuk Discuss Parental Alienation on Life Happens, Let’s Talk with Host Treena Wynes Description: When a marriage falls apart and the couple separates the child or children’s wellbeing should be at the forefront of both parents. We have all heard of volatile or high conflict divorces where children are […]

Ask the Counsellors: How Can I Get Rid of My Anxiety?

Dear Aspire Too,  I’ve been to a couple of counselors but although I found the sessions quite useful, I’m still having trouble with anxiety. Sometimes the way I feel scares me. My heart starts beating fast and I feel like I can’t breathe. It comes out of nowhere and I don’t even know why. Where […]

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