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Ask the Counsellors: How Do I Convince Them to Get Counselling?

Every month the associates at Aspire Too will answer your questions in our “Ask the Counsellors Feature“. Please submit your questions confidentially to reception@aspiretoo.ca   Dear Aspire Too, How do you get someone in to seek counselling who won’t go? They may have anxiety issues? Maybe it’s depression? Sincerely, Concerned About Someone I Know Dear Concerned […]

Parental Alienation Is More Than High Conflict Divorce

Listen to Aspire Too Founder Connie Lupichuk Discuss Parental Alienation on Life Happens, Let’s Talk with Host Treena Wynes Description: When a marriage falls apart and the couple separates the child or children’s wellbeing should be at the forefront of both parents. We have all heard of volatile or high conflict divorces where children are […]

Ask the Counsellors: How Can I Get Rid of My Anxiety?

Dear Aspire Too,  I’ve been to a couple of counselors but although I found the sessions quite useful, I’m still having trouble with anxiety. Sometimes the way I feel scares me. My heart starts beating fast and I feel like I can’t breathe. It comes out of nowhere and I don’t even know why. Where […]

Ask the Counsellors: Feeling Overwhelmed and Moody With Life.

Every month the associates at Aspire Too will answer your questions in our “Ask the Counsellors Feature“. Please submit your questions confidentially  to reception@aspiretoo.ca   Dear Counsellor, I used to think of myself as a strong, independent person. I recently moved out on my own, secured a good job after finishing university, and rarely ask people […]

Ask the Counsellors: Messy Divorce with Kids

Dear Counsellors, Last spring after 15 years of marriage my wife decided to end our marriage. We have two children ages 10 and 14 who I rarely get to see. When my wife told me she wanted to end the marriage I was in shock because I thought our marriage was fine. She said she […]

Ask the Counsellors: Giving Too Much in Relationships

Dear Counsellors, “I’m in a new relationship and I’m worried that I’m going to screw this one up again. I almost always give my partner everything that they want and I end up resenting them because they don’t do the same for me. How do I stop doing this? I’m usually self-assured but when I […]

Improving Confidence and Being True to You!

Believe it or not, improving confidence is one of the most common goals that people identify wanting to work on. Having a desire to increase your confidence is a normal and common part of life and I would even argue that that desire shows self awareness and a growth mindset (hooray!). The good news is […]

Ask the Counsellors: Healing Grief

Dear Aspire Too, Almost a year ago my father attempted suicide.  I used to talk to him every day, but one day I hadn’t heard from him.  After a few hours of him not answering my texts or phone calls, I decided to go over to his condo where I found him.  I called the […]

Are you or someone you know separating or divorcing?

Introducing the New Ways for Families® Decision Skills Class Aspire Too is very excited to offer the New Ways for Families® – Decision Skills Group. This is a group class for both parents and childless couples who are contemplating or experiencing separation or divorce. New Ways for Families® is a method used to teach and […]

Self Care and the Power of Intention

One of my favourite conversations to have with clients (and friends, and strangers, and anyone who will listen) is the conversation about self care. I want to know what you do to care for yourself. I want to know what you would do if you had an entire day to do whatever makes you happy. […]

Ask the Counsellors: Worried Parent.

Dear Aspire Too, My three year old son started pre-school for the first time this year. The first day of school he hid behind me until it was time for me to leave and then he began crying uncontrollably. The pre-school teacher reassured me he would be fine, but I couldn’t help feeling horrible the […]

Ask the Counsellors: Lonely Partner

My fiancé and myself have not been intimate for almost three months. We have done counselling in the past and while in the moment we both put effort in. Now we seem to not so much. I ask him why are we not intimate and his response is that we need more quality time together, […]

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