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Parental alienation is a term used when a child rejects one parent for unjustified, unrealistic, or unusual reasons. This phenomenon most often occurs when parents divorce, and the divorce or separation is usually highly conflictual. Parental alienation is believed to be a form of emotional or psychological abuse. The harm done to children subjected to parental alienation strategies are long-term and can endure throughout their lives.

Parental Alienation Training Webinar

Access 3 hours of training to further your continuing education on this important topic.

This training is ideal for:

  • Lawyers
  • Social workers
  • Judges
  • Psychologists
  • Court assessors
  • Educators

The objectives of this Master Class go beyond simply providing an overview of parental alienation and delve into the most prevalent theories of parental alienation, as well as the differences and similarities between them.

As research indicates, traditional interventions are typically ineffective with parental alienation, therefore learning to identify the phenomena and implement appropriate interventions is imperative to helping children and families heal. The response to parental alienation is most effective when it is multi-disciplinary; appropriate treatment plans usually require both legal and therapeutic interventions. It is also known that unwitting or uninformed professionals can inadvertently exacerbate the problem. Education is key!

The learning objectives of this class are:

  • To become knowledgeable about the history of parental alienation, including criticisms
    of parental alienation.
  • To learn about the prevalent theories of parental alienation.
  • To recognize when parental alienation might be occurring.
  • To identify the difference between realistic and unrealistic estrangement.
  • To identify the four factors to consider when assessing for parental alienation.
  • To identify the long-term impact of parental alienation on children.
  • To learn the legal and ethical issues surrounding the phenomenon.
  • To learn appropriate interventions.

This training is $175 to participate in and you can access the prerecorded Zoom sessions. Group training is also available.

For more information or to register and participate, contact us today!