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Career Assessment and Planning

Career Assessment and Planning provides clarity and direction to women, men and youth at crossroads in their careers. With a variety of assessments available, including The Strong Inventory, Aspire Too can help you match your values, interests and abilities to help you find a career that fits who you are!

Those who may benefit from this process include:

  • Uncertain of career direction
  • Dealing with change or possible downsizing at work
  • Looking for new opportunities
  • In need of career adjustment because of accident, illness or other circumstances
  • Considering starting their own business
  • Making decisions about further education and training opportunities

Youth who may benefit from the process include those:

  • Looking for unbiased advice about suitable and realistic occupations that match interests and abilities
  • Choosing university and college programs
  • Out of school and ready to look at educational and career opportunities

Life Coaching

Life coaching is different from counselling since clients in most cases are considered healthy and wish to move forward from their present situations. People who seek life coaching do so for a variety of reasons but usually with the goal to move ahead professionally and personally.

Life coaches are strategic thinkers, realists, and innovative partners. By entering into an agreement with a life coach you will get assistance in setting and achieving specific goals; in ensuring accountability to your dreams, goals, and action steps; and in being offered the knowledge and expertise in the areas which you want to improve. You will get help to solve challenging problems; you will be provided open and honest feedback that is objective and helpful; you will be taught how to identify and change distorted beliefs and habits that sabotage success; you will learn to identify and maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses; you will be offered guidance which will help you stay on track, lead you safely through mistakes and delays, give you skills and ideas that endure past the coaching period, and celebrate your successes.

For example, you might seek a coach when choosing a career, changing careers, or trying to improve your leadership skills. You might want to enhance an existing relationship, deal with a life transition like divorce or the empty nest, or to achieve more balance between work and home life.

Whatever your reasons, a life coach can help you Aspire Too!