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Our Vision

Courageous communities of empowered and fulfilled people.

Our Mission

Providing new information, tools, and skills in a safe, inclusive, and non-judgmental space, we partner with you as you journey through the beautiful and messy intricacies of life.

Our Values

Through connection, we build relationships.

Through growth, we strive for excellence.

Through innovation, we ignite passion.

Through self-determination, we encourage autonomy.

Through healing, we achieve wellness.

Our Story

A Little About Us

The Aspire Too leadership team met around twenty years ago while working together as front line community social workers where we had the opportunity to collaborate on various projects. Through our work together at that time, we developed relationships of shared values, mutual respect, and a genuine desire to assist others in realizing positive change. We were tied together by our passion to help others and give back to the community in a meaningful way. In 2012, our founder, Connie, developed a vision of a company where we put our knowledge, skills and passion together to create a diverse, dynamic, highly skilled group of therapists to do what we do best. She had a couple of key people in mind to complete her vision, so, in 2014, Connie approached Sherry and Elizabeth to help make her dream a reality.

Within a year of expanding our Saskatoon office in the summer of 2014, the partners at Aspire Too realized that there was a need for our services outside of Saskatoon and Prince Albert. In autumn 2015, we opened a satellite office in Melfort. We have added talented and skilled clinicians in each of our offices to assist in serving our valued clients. Leanne joined the ownership team in 2018 and brings invaluable skill and knowledge to round out our management roster. In July 2019 our founding partner, Connie, retired to the beautiful rocky mountains and handed off the reigns to the three remaining partners, Sherry, Elizabeth, and Leanne. With almost 100 years of combined human service experience, we have joined forces with the shared vision to help everyone and anyone Aspire Too. 

We envision a courageous community of empowered and fulfilled people, and we are honoured to support and grow our community of Saskatchewan towards this vision. We are here to help you Aspire Too. 

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