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Addiction Services

Addiction is a disease like no other. It attacks a person physically, emotionally, mentally and, especially, spiritually. When a person becomes addicted to a substance or an activity, like gambling for example, their world gets smaller and smaller, until isolation, guilt and anxiety, become too much to deal with.

We help the addict, their families and friends, see addiction for what it is: A treatable illness that requires love and compassion – the touchstones needed for a person to recover from the debilitating effects of alcoholism and addiction.

Aspire Too now offers the following services:

  • Chemical Health Assessments/SASSI
  • Individual, Family, Group Counselling
  • Family Health Counselling
  • DWI Education
  • Relapse Awareness – Aftercare Counselling
  • Intervention Facilitation & Preparation
  • Consultations/ Workshops for Businesses and Groups
  • Wellness & Pastoral/Spiritual Counselling
  • Weekend Retreats Based On Twelve Step Principles
  • Referrals to other health care providers

We believe in treating the addict with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Aspire Too also offers programs on a variety of educational topics for staff training and development such as: drug-free workplace, what chemical dependency is, how to get an employee and their families into treatment, building an in-house knowledge base for treating employees with addiction.

The SASSI stands for the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory. The SASSI is a validated screening tool that is administered by a trained clinician; it is a brief self reporting psychological test that identifies high or low probability for a substance use, abuse, or dependence disorder. The SASSI can be helpful for individuals, families, and workplaces who are concerned about someone’s potentially problematic substance use. 

Contact Aspire Too for a consultation to discuss what addiction services you or your family member may need.