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Ask the Counsellors: Lost My Job

Dear Counsellor:

When  hit, I got laid off from my job and subsequently let go due to the company’s need to downsize. I had not been satisfied in my job for a long time and now, with my present circumstances, I think it’s time I see what else is out there for me. I am not sure where to start. Can you help me?


Looking for Change



Dear Looking for Change,

Thinking about a change in career can be overwhelming, often causing anxiety and confusion. Working takes up a large portion of our time and lives and, if we are dissatisfied or unhappy, it can affect other aspects of our lives. At Aspire Too we help you to explore you strengths, values, interests and needs. If your job or place of employment does not meet some of your needs, hold some of your interests, work within your personal values, and play on some of your strengths, you ultimately will find disappointment in what you are doing.

In getting you started we could provide a general assessment to initiate different career possibilities that could fit your personality. The assessment helps to identify your strengths, values, needs and what brings you joy and some careers that fit within those. We would then move towards looking at how to explore some of those career options which hold interest and work towards what could fit for you.

Alternatively, we are also able to provide a more in depth assessment called the Strong Inventory Assessment. The Strong Inventory is a psychological instrument that has been around and improved upon since 1927. This assessment helps people match their interests with their educational, career and leisure activities. The information gathered will provide you with a picture of where your interests lie and which jobs or schooling match these interests. The Strong Inventory will give information on career paths, interests, risk-taking preferences, leadership styles, learning environments, work styles and team orientation. Together we would go through your results and where to go next with the information and how to narrow your choices to that which best reflects you.

Once you have come to a decision or identify an educational or career path, life coaching could be an additional benefit to assist with creating tasks and goals towards your new career. We can also help with job interview preparation.

Finding a new job or career path doesn’t need to feel daunting. Most of us will need to work for a good portion of our lives. Recognizing that we are not bound and that we can acquire new skills will allow us to be open to exploring what fits for us at different periods of our lives.

Feel free to book a consult with me to discuss your unique set of circumstances and how I can be of assistance.

Leanne Leedahl, BSW, RSW, CLC