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Friedrich (Fritz) Eckstein, BA, MA, CCPA

Friedrich (Fritz) Eckstein, BA, MA, CCPA
Clinical Counsellor

My educational background includes a master’s degree in counselling from Providence University College, Manitoba complemented by undergraduate work in education, leadership development, career counselling, and business administration. I have had the privilege to apply my counselling training in a variety of settings such as social services, career counselling, and post-secondary educational settings with a variety of adult clients. Over the span of 30 years, I have learned that each person is an expert in their own experience and journey but at times needs guidance when trauma or severe life stressors unravel their lives. It is my passion to support clients to gain a deeper understanding of self and to explore and overcome the barriers to their healing and life goals.
My approach to counselling is person- centered, emphatic, strength based, and solution focused. I have a fundamental belief in the dignity of humankind, all persons deserving to be valued and respected. This belief is evidenced by the caring, compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgemental environment that I provide. My experience includes working with individuals, families, couples, and groups.
I believe that everyone is unique, and no single counselling approach is the right one for every person. As a life-long leaner, I have pursued training in a range of modalities including Control Theory; cognitive and behavioural theory; Mental Health First Aid; Applied Suicide Intervention Skills; Managing Mental Health in the Workplace; Violent Threat Risk Assessment Level 1 & 2 Training, Conflict Resolution; Crucial Conversation; Individual and Group Facilitation Training; Understanding Anxiety; Attitude Problems in the Workplace; Enabling a Culture of Operational Excellence; Solution Focused Counselling; Bereavement Support Group Facilitator Training. I am also a licensed New Ways for Family high conflict divorce resolution counsellor. In addition to the above, I have significant training in organizational leadership.

From my own experience, I understand how difficult it is to take the first step to reach out and seek help when life unravels, and isolation and loneliness becomes one’s companion. The author, Olivia Laing said it best, “Loneliness is hallmarked by an intense desire to bring the experience to a close, something which cannot be achieved by sheer willpower, but only by developing intimate connections…. The lonelier a person gets, the less adept they become at navigating social currents. Loneliness is accretive, extending and perpetuating itself. Once it becomes impacted, it is by no means easy to dislodge.”
Perhaps now is the right time to take the first step to find healthy perceptions of self and strengthen relationships so that one can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole, and safe.
I work with individuals (ages 16+), couples, and families in the Kindersley and Saskatoon offices, as well as virtually via phone or secure video, in the following areas:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Workplace stress /adjustment
  • Intercultural support
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Abandonment issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Addictions
  • Relationship issues
  • Inadequacy; shame and fear
  • Family dynamics/ Marriage counselling
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Social isolation
  • Career counselling
  • Financial literacy
  • High conflict separation and divorce (New Ways for Families)
  • Tel: (306) 382-2391
  • Location: Saskatoon & Kindersley